Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My TV has gone wrong? Should I repair or replace it?
A: Try to have it repaired. A TV repair is usually cheaper than a new TV and, as long as it’s not a Plasma or LCD set, probably far more reliable.

Q: My electronic equipment is faulty. What do I do next?
A: The easiest thing to do is to call us. Please have the make and model number to hand as this will help me to give you the right advice and, often, a verbal no obligation estimate on the repair.

Q: The screen has broken on my LCD or Plasma TV. Can you repair it?
A: The screen cannot be repaired. Replacements are available but they’re expensive and usually makes the repair uneconomical.

Q: Can you repair my electronic equipment in my own home?
A: We can most of the time and we carry an extensive range of spare parts. There are occasions when the repair proves more challenging. If that is the case, we’ll take the machine to our workshop. You can rest assured, however, that we will return it to you as quickly as we can.

Q: Can I repair my own TV?
A: This is not recommended unless you are a qualified engineer. Dangerous voltages exist inside TVs which may still be present long after the set has been disconnected from the mains.

Q: Do you repair any make and model of TV?
A: We can repair most makes and models of TVs, and we can repair Plasmas, LCDs, LEDs and CRTs. However, the parts from some of the more obscure TV brands may not be readily available.

Q: I've just bought a new TV. Can you set it up for me?
A: Yes, we can install and set up most electronic equipment and we also wall-mount flat screen TVs. We’re also happy to show you how to operate your new equipment and get the most from it.

Q: If I require extra cables when you come to install my equipment, can you supply them?
A: Usually. We keep a selection of cables in stock and what we don’t have can often be obtained quite readily.

Q: Do you guarantee your repairs?
A: Yes, all repairs are guaranteed for 3 months. If the manufacturer guarantees the parts for a longer period, then we honour that guarantee.

Q: How long will it take to repair my equipment?
A: In many cases, the repair is carried out on site – in your home or business premises – as we carry an extensive range of parts. If we don’t have the parts in stock, we can usually obtain them within 48 hours.

Q: Do you repair camcorders?
A: No, we don’t but we can put you in touch with someone who can.

Q: Do you repair radios, Walkmans, iPods and smartphones?
A: In most cases, repairs would not be cost-effective.

Q: Do I need to change my TV and video for the digital switchover?
A: No. Any television made after 1964 is capable of receiving digital TV. All you require is a suitable set top box. If your TV has a SCART socket, any top box will work. If you don’t have a SCART socket, then you should obtain a box with a built in UHF modulator. The Humax F2-FOX-T DTT set top receiver is suitable for this.

Q: If I get a TV with built-in Freeview, can I watch TV in high definition?
A: As we understand it, only the very latest TV's have Freeview HD built in, otherwise you have to have an external Freeview HD box or PVR (Portable Video Recorder).

Q: What are your hours of business?
A: Mondays to Saturday 9.00am to 6.00pm. However, we can often come to you in the evenings during the week if it’s more convenient for you.

Q: Do you charge for estimates?
A: Only if you decide not to go ahead with the repair, in which case we make a nominal inspection charge.

Q: What areas do you cover?
A: Michael Maurice Repairs covers the whole of north london, north west London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.