Vintage Equipment

There’s something magical about vintage electronic equipment. It’s sentimental, helps us to re-live our youth and brings back good memories of times gone by. Vintage equipment is also becoming increasingly valuable and incredibly collectable.

Over the years I have successfully restored Radiograms, Record Players, Radio's and Tape recorders.  Often these beautifully made products were handed down from the family so the younger generation can enjoy them.

The sound that they produce is often warm and mellow and being well built when they were new, they will continue to perform well for many years to come.

At Michael Maurice Repairs, we’re passionate about repairing and restoring vintage electronic equipment. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing it brought back to life. We can repair and restore record players, radiograms, reel to reel tape recorders, and Hi-Fis from the ‘50s, 60’s, ‘70s and ‘80s. We can repair and restore Quad, Leak, Sugden, Wharfedale, Grundig, Philips, Tandberg, Akai, Sony, Teac, Aiwa, Bang & Olufsen, BSR, Bush, Garrard, Collaro, Goldring, Lenco, Pioneer, Nakamichi, Yamaha – and many more!      

As long as it’s old, we can make it as good as new!

Some of our favourite restorations:

  • Revox A77 and B77 tape recorders
  • Revox A700 tape recorder
  • Studer tape recorder
  • HMV radiogram with Collaro autochanging record deck
  • HMV radiuogram with Garrard autochanging record deck
  • Beau Decca Radiogram
  • Pye Black Box record player
  • Murphy radiogram
  • Nordemende Italian Radiogram
  • Home built 1950's Hi Fi system
  • Dynatron Ether Princess radiogram
  • Dynatron music centre
  • Dansette record player
  • Philips radiogram
  • Bang & Olufsen radiograms and Hi Fi systems
  • BSR turntable
  • RGD radiogram circa 1936
  • Braun "white coffin" radio record player.

Please see my blog page for examples of some of the repairs and restorations that i've undertaken.

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Michael Maurice Repairs provides electronic repairs and installations to homes and businesses in north London, north west London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

I have also carried out repairs in Kent, Suury Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and other parts of the UK. If you are interested in having your vintaqge audio repaired then please ask, I may welll be able to come to you.


You may be tempted to plug in your vintage equipment and see what happens.

Please please please DO NOT DO THAT.

There are various parts which will have failed over the years which will cause serious and expensive damage to your equipment. It may also become a fire or safety hazard.

These parts will be replaced by me when you give me your item to repair before the unit is plugged in.

This is what happenned to the main capacitor when someone plugged his Dansette Record player after decades of being stored in a cupboard

This was accompanied by a somewhat nasting burning smell.  Fortunately no lasting damage was done either to the record player or more importantly his home and family.